Outreach Program

Outreach Services

For males and females between the ages of 13 and 21, we provide information on other local resources and assist them in accessing these additional resources which they may be eligible for. We encourage them to contact us again if they require further assistance.

Tonya’s House provides program information and the following services to all at risk youth and families:

Safe Place – A place to go for assistance with setting up health appointments, filling out applications for employment and/or other services.

  • Transportation to:
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Health appointments

Tonya’s House Outreach program offers positive support guidance, mentoring, advocacy and help with problem solving. Linking youth to community resources in regard to their education, employment skills and health issues. The outreach program is aimed at providing assistance to male and female youth. These young people may need assistance in other areas of their lives as well.
Outreach assists youth with gaining employment. To gain employment, at-risk youth need proper identification necessary for employment. The proper identification includes social security card and photo identification card.
Positive guidance is given concerning personal hygiene, proper dress, and attitude prior to the youth seeking employment. Transportation is offered to help the youth with the initial job search. Positive support may include suggestion regarding employment opportunities, guidance with completing job applications efficiently and encouraging prompt arrivals for job interviews.
Tonya’s House will link youth to job related community resources such as CAPECO and Worksource of Oregon.
Outreach includes assisting the youth with health and medical issues. Tonya’s House will assist youth with scheduling medical appointments and providing transportation as needed.
Tonya’s House advocates for abstinence among today’s youth. Tonya’s House encourages the youth to be responsible and respectful not only to themselves but also to their partner. Sexually active youth are referred tot he local health department. The youth is then able to make the appropriate decisions regarding their sexual well being.

 Other Services

Informal counseling, advocacy and information and referral. All services are based on the availability of resources. Persons needing services for other issues may be referred to appropriate services in the community